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Neutrosophic Systems with Applications (NSWA) is an American academic journal, published monthly online and on paper by The University of New Mexico, 705 Gurley Ave., Gallup, NM 87301, United States, that has been created for publications of advanced studies in neutrosophy, refined neutrosophy, neutrosophic set, neutrosophic logic, neutrosophic probability, neutrosophic statistics, neutrosophic algebraic structures, refined neutrosophic set, HyperSoft set, IndetermSoft Set, IndetermHyperSoft Set, TreeSoft Set, plithogenic set, plithogenic logic, plithogenic probability, plithogenic statistics, symbolic plithogenic algebraic structures, NeutroAlgebra & AntiAlgebra, NeutroGeometry & AntiGeometry, NeutroTopology & AntiTopology, Refined Neutrosophic Topology, Refined Neutrosophic Crisp Topology, SuperHyperFunction, SuperHyperAlgebra, SuperHyperGraph, SuperHyperTopology, etc. and their applications in intelligent systems, computer science, decision support systems, and other related fields.

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Vol. 9 (2023): Neutrosophic Systems with Applications
VOLUME 9, 2023

Neutrosophic sets and logic are gaining significant attention in solving many real-life decision-making problems that involve uncertainty, impreciseness, vagueness, incompleteness, inconsistent, and indeterminacy. They have been applied in computational intelligence, clustering, control, data analysis & mining, decision-making & support, design, human factors engineering & ergonomics, image processing, information processing &retrieval, knowledge representation & reasoning, marketing, medical diagnosis, optimization, pattern classification, production planning & scheduling, quality control, etc.

This volume involves nine original papers, selected by the editors, and related to the various research themes on smart applications.

Published: 2023-09-07

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