Interval-Valued Fermatean Neutrosophic Shortest Path Problem via Score Function




Fermatean Neutrosophic Shortest Path Problem, Fermatean Neutrosophic Fuzzy Set, Shortest Path Problem, Network


Contemporary mathematical techniques have been crafted to address the uncertainty of numerous real-world settings, including Fermatean neutrosophic fuzzy set theory. Fermatean neutrosophic fuzzy set is an extension of combining Fermatean and neutrosophic sets. Fermatean neutrosophic set was developed to enable the analytical management of ambiguous data from relatively typical real-world decision-making scenarios. Decision-makers find it challenging to determine the degree of membership (MG) and non-membership (NG) with sharp values due to the insufficient data provided. Intervals MG and NG are suitable options in these circumstances. In this article, the shortest route issue is formulated using an interval set of values in a Fermatean neutrosophic setting. A de-neutrosophication technique utilizing a scoring function is then suggested. A mathematical version is also included to show the framework's usefulness and viability in more detail.


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Broumi, S., S. krishna Prabha, & Vakkas Uluçay. (2023). Interval-Valued Fermatean Neutrosophic Shortest Path Problem via Score Function. Neutrosophic Systems With Applications, 11, 1–10.