Similarity Measure of Plithogenic Cubic Vague Sets: Examples and Possibilities




Plithogenic Set, Plithogenic Cubic Vague Set, Pattern Recognition, Similarity Measure


The crisp, fuzzy, intuitionistic fuzzy, and neutrosophic sets are the extension of the plithogenic set, in which elements are characterized by the number of attributes and each attribute can assume many values. To achieve more accuracy and precise exclusion, a contradiction or dissimilarity degree is specified between each attribute and the values of the dominating attribute. A plithogenic cubic vague set is a combination of a plithogenic cubic set and a vague set. The key tool for resolving problems with pattern recognition and clustering analysis is the similarity measure. In this research, we characterize and investigate the similarities between two Plithogenic Cubic Vague sets (PCVSs) for (zF), (zIF) and (z≡N). Also, examples are given to examine similarities in the pattern recognition application problems.


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S. Anitha, & A. Francina Shalini. (2023). Similarity Measure of Plithogenic Cubic Vague Sets: Examples and Possibilities. Neutrosophic Systems With Applications, 11, 39–47.