A Novel Method of Decision Making Based on Plithogenic Contradictions





Plithogenic Sets, Plithogenic Contradiction, MCDM, Decision Making on Plithogenic Contradictions


Plithogenic decision-making models are evolved integrating the Plithogenic modelling approach with various methods of multi-criteria decision-making (MCDM). The earlier Plithogenic based decision methods are primarily based on the degrees of appurtenance. This paper introduces a novel Plithogenic ranking genre of decision-making paradigm based on degrees of contradiction. The method of Decision Making on Plithogenic Contradictions (DMPC) developed in this research work is indigenous and unique as the modeling procedure doesn’t resemble any of the decision methods. This simple and logical approach proposed in this paper is applied in making optimal decisions on supplier selection. The proposed contradiction based Plithogenic model shall be integrated with other decision methods, and this will certainly create a breakthrough in framing contradictions based combined Plithogenic decision-making models.


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Martin, N., Smarandache, F., & Sudha S. (2023). A Novel Method of Decision Making Based on Plithogenic Contradictions. Neutrosophic Systems With Applications, 10, 12–24. https://doi.org/10.61356/j.nswa.2023.58

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